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The Frontline Orbital Network Division, or F.O.N.D Company are the Ravisman Protectorate Federation's elite army branch, and one of the most respected and feared groups throughout the universe. FOND Company is usually called in during situations where conventional Civil Police or Military units cannot respond to or handle a situation. FOND is best known for their insanely fast response times to any situation. Most FOND military establishments maintain an orbit around Ravisman (Formerly Earth), deploying on the ground either by Orbital Drop or gunship transport.


FOND Company soldiers have their black boxes removed upon sign up, a more advanced black box system instead integrated into their Power Armor. FOND Power Armor is very heavy duty, and can withstand both the heat and friction of entering the atmosphere and the pressure of the ocean floor. It is designed to handle almost any scenario present. While wearing power armor, a FOND soldier is able to run up to three times faster. The FOND operative can also lift an additional four hundred pounds. Not all FOND Soldiers are equipped with Power Armor, however. Those who arrive via gunship are usually deployed with standard issue military attire, while those entering via orbital drop will be suited in Power Armor. Fond Company Pilots and Administrators will often be outfitted with white jump suits to show their status.


Only a select few can handle the intense training and mental evaluation that is required to become a FOND Operative. FOND recruits can be selected at as early as five years of age. Those who survive the initial boot camp are heavily augmented psychologically. Enhancements to the senses are made, as well as the feelings of fear and pain are heavily minimized. 


FOND Company's roots go back to as early as 2030, when warfare in space was becoming more practical. They were the first branch of off world based soldiers, often dubbed "Space Marines". Due to FOND Company, The early Ravisman government was able to successfully rise into power at an insanely fast pace, controlling the majority of the world in mere weeks. FOND Company has successfully recaptured territory from numerous rebel groups, and was reassigned into a division of off world police from the years 2054-2132. In the August of 2132, the gate opened, unleashing the Architects legion of pawns. As the cities fell, FOND Company bravely stood in the way of each one. Due to heavy casualties, FOND company was ordered to retreat back to their orbital bases and await further orders. These orders never came. The majority of FOND company returned to Ravisman to find their new government, the RPF, however, many FOND company regiments remain in cryogenic stasis floating in orbit, awaiting orders that will never come.

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