The Architect a portrayal of the Fear of Control, also representing creation and destruction. A remorseless and possibly omnipotent deity, it can create and destroy any number of universes, known asArchitect Verses, with any number of unusual tendencies that could tear apart the fabric of reality. In most stories, the source of The Architect's tremendous power is the Cardioplate, a fob watch that gives it the ability to manipulate reality in any way it sees fit.

In spite of the Architect's nearly infinite power, it can only enter or destroy the universes it has created. However, Dimensional Bleeding can interfere with said natural balance, allowing the Architect into other universes for a short period of time.

It is often described as a dark presence, entrenched in a flowing winter coat, donning a burnt, animal-like skull with gleaming red eyes that incite insanity when gazed upon. Another notable feature is its hat, which appears in a different style to each person who see's it. The hat's style can, with some effort, be traced back to the observer's personality, views on life, or religious preferences.

The Architect is one of the only known Fears capable of human speech, yet it has only been shown to utter one phrase in particular, that, if heard by any being, can make them become its servants, the Pawns: "What goes up must come down. That is the way of creation. You will not live forever. You will become the very soil in which you stand upon. That is life, my dear traveler, and this is how it ends."

Since most interpretations of the Architect do not directly interfere with lesser beings unless needed, only Fears gifted with immense knowledge, such as The Blind Man and The Vision, are aware of it's presence. Furthermore, the only creatures capable of rivaling it in terms of power are Fears and other powerful beings that also have the ability to create or destroy universes as well, such as The Quiet and The Glitch.

A religious sect known as the Enlightened can be found in almost every Architect Verse. Although they worship allFears, they also hold the belief that among them, the Architect is the most powerful, and has been locked in a prison like Gate, set to be released by the Fears in the distant future. They are also known for stalking people referred to as "the Marked", Runners who have encountered the Fears and later find markings on their hands.

In most stories, its domain is known simply as Doom.

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