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The Architect Verse is not a single universe, but a collection of different universes created or destroyed by The Architect. They usually have a variety of strange and unusual tenancies.


Architect Verses are very small compared to the universe in which we currently reside. While most, if not all Fears, can move freely in and out of Architect Verses with ease, the only known inanimate thing that can enter and exit any Architect Verse freely is data, hence the ability to view different videos and blogs taking place within an Architect Verse. However, Architect Verses that are in no way connected with each other can interact if Dimensional Bleeding interferes with the natural balance set, resulting in different story arcs overlapping multiple times.

List of known Architect Verses

Note: Any and all stories can and will be accepted as an Architect Verse story, so long as the universe it takes place in was created by The Architect. There are no limitations to canon, and we are open to different versions and additions to the rules we have set (more stories may be written under destroyed Architect Verses if the story takes place before its destruction).

Major Architect Verses

  • Architect-Verse / Kryesor- This Architect Verse is home to several sects worshiping different Fears. It appears to be more fast-paced and physically hostile in nature than any other known Architect Verse. Notable stories from this Architect Verse include The North Woods Project, The Mayhem Theory(no longer affiliated)Jeff Woods and Sirens in the Night.
  • Architect-Verse / Effrayant- This Architect Verse can be described as a universe in which various creepypasta characters, such as Jeff the Killer, Eyeless Jack, and all interpretations centering around them, take place and coexist with each other. Notable stories from this Architect Verse include PhantomVoices and Tesseract
  • Architect-Verse / Ravisman- This Architect Verse has been shown to be a technological and economical utopia, with amazing advancements in daily life and traditional belief being made for the betterment of humanity. Notable stories from this Architect Verse include Project D.E.A.D.

Please note that this verse is in fact open source. A malicious user is removing the verse from certain lists. Also please remember the only people credited for it's creation is FlickerHD and LilPotato. Thank you for understanding.

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