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The Architect Verse is a collaborative storytelling project to which anyone can contribute! A multiverse full of stories await you, full of dark, mysterious cases which all can involve an evil god whose motives can't be described in mere sentences... the Architect! This fictional multiverse was once a part of the Fear Mythos, but has spilled out into its own whirlwind of creativity! However, the concepts of the deified, malevolent Fears, which include the Architect, may still be used within stories here!

The Architect's original concept was formed by Owen Parker and Hunter O'Connell, each having separate visions for what the creator-god should be. Eventually, they and many others settled on a creature which has his roots in Lovecraftian cosmic horror, modern Internet culture, and urban mythology, among other things. The Architect himself looks like a relatively humanoid build, with an animal-esque skull for a head and donning a trench-coat, top-hat and pocket-watch, although these details are not set in stone.

What is widely accepted, however, is that the being can use its immense power to create universes, with radically different atmospheres and effects on its life. There are also servants, known as Pawns, which do the Architect's bidding and are generally just menaces to all of humankind. Just like all oppressive regimes, the Architect's creations have begun to rebel against him, forming a loose organization which aims to understand and defeat him.

Existential, moody and downright epic, this story will be sure to make you think!

The Architect

Drawn by Nanepul

The Stories

The North Woods Project

Jeff Woods

Sirens in the Night

Project VICIS


Antony Cole

M. Lofries

The Pandemonium Three

... And more to come!

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