Wanderers are menacing abominations found roaming the ruins of the fallen cities in Ravisman. Not much is known about their origins, but it is known that The Virus somehow managed to tamper with some of the citizen's cybernetic augmentations, making them completely under it's control, and effectively turning them into Wanderers.


From a distance, a Wanderer might just appear as another normal human being. What makes them stand out is the three robotic eyes that extrude from the Wanderer's face. These eye's glow either red or green, depending on the type of Wanderer.

Some Wanderers in the early stage of infection might appear as normal human beings, however, over time their infected Black Box takes complete control over the brain, first controlling motor functions, then emotion and finally conscience. This process happens slowly, often driving the host mad as The Virus corrupts and destroys matter of the brain. Once the host has been completely infected, the Black Box will begin replacing organs, tissue and other body parts with robotic growths. Mechanized eyes portrude from the sides of the mouth, along with a third "eye" that usually portrudes from where the host's nose resided previously. Almost all of the skin around the head and face is replaced with mechanized parts. The jaw is horribly mutated dislocated, allowing the wanderer to have an insanely large bite. 

Most Wanderers often die naturally due to their biological body parts rejecting or being rejected by the robotic growths from The Black Box. The hosts that die are often reanimated as "zombies" by the still functional Black Box, however they are vastly limited in motor functions and senses due to the lack of the host's brain, resulting in the simplistic AI from The Black Box to take over.

Rarely, a Wanderer's body will have no resistance to the robotic parts taking over, and sometimes even embrace the new growths. The Virus will eventually take over the entire body of the host at this stage, Resulting in terrifying robotic mutations, such as tentacles, extra limbs, and even psychic abilities. These Wanderers are usually dubbed "greenies" or "green beans" by the denziens of Ravisman, due to the fact that their robotic "eyes" usually turn from red to green.

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